Coding Club

The first coding club went well. Today we thought about internet safety and then used Purple Mash to find out what we know.

 IMG_6208 IMG_6210

Make sure you complete the tasks set so we can start using the Micro Bits as soon as possible 🙂

Coding Club is now full but if you were unlucky this time I will make sure you’re top of the list for next term.

Our New Digital Leaders

Thank you to those who showed an interest in being a digital leader. We have chosen our new digital leaders. Congratulations to:

Riley                                         Leoni                           MaxJ

Sydney                                    Philip                           Ava

Mollie                                      Ilhan

Callum                                    Anna

Could you all please attend your first meeting at 12.30pm on Tuesday 11th November in class 14?

Recruiting New Digital Leaders

We are now recruiting 14 new digital leaders from year 5 to support the year 6 digital leaders.

We meet every Tuesday from 12.30 – 1pm in class 14. Interested people should have the following qualities:

1. An interest in technology.

2. Be able to use technology confidently.

3. Have good communication skills.

4. Be able to talk to people that they don’t know.

If this describes you, please write a short paragraph about yourself and why you would be a good digital leader.

Busy Digital Leaders

Academy Digital Leadersimage





On Friday 15th Nov digital leaders from across our academy met with those from Simon De Senlis Primary School for an innovative day developing their roles within our schools. Three children from year 5 and 2 from year 6, at Headlands, went through a process of design thinking. Their finished product was a presentation to the year 6 at Simon De Senlis, they were very professional and all adults were very proud. A fantastic day!!!